Cyes is awarded with the extension of a port in Honduras

The company will expand the bulk terminal of Puerto Cortes, one of the major port infrastructures of Central America, by 25 million of euros

Cyes is awarded with the works of modernization and extension of the solid bulks terminal of Puerto Cortes, one of the major port infrastructures in Honduras and Central America. The company, in a joint venture with the local company Copreca, will execute the works with a budget of 32.99 million dollars (25.24 million euros) and a period of 16 months.
Puerto Cortes is located in the Caribbean Sea or sea of the Antilles, in a bay protected in a natural way of storms. Its good geographic and oceanographic conditions placed it as the main port of the country and one of the more important ports in Central America, with cargo volumes from Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador to the United States and Europe markets. Currently, Puerto CortÚs has a total length of piers of 1.157,03 m.
With the works planned the Empresa Nacional Portuaria de Honduras wants to improve the capacity and efficiency of Puerto Cortes, as well as reduce the costs of operation and time of loading and unloading of vessels. To do this, works include three actions. On the one hand, the rehabilitation and modernization of the Pier 3 so that it can be used as a bulk terminal, on the other hand, the extension of the pier at 215 meters long up to 417 meters, and, finally, the formation of a level space for management and storage of goods.
This contract has been achieved through the branch of cyes installed in Bogota (Colombia). Central American office of cyes already was awarded at the end of last year with the construction of 48 naval military houses in the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias.