Commitment and responsible management

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of our setting through measures providing progress and added value, for both the actual organisation and for society in general, and in this conviction we have always been well aware of the economic, social and environmental implications of this undertaking.

We see these implications as vital aspects involved in defining strategic approaches and establishing objectives, seeking not only the organisation’s growth and profitability, but also attempting as far as possible to give a response to the expectations of different stakeholders or pressure groups, and understanding that our commitment must go well beyond mere compliance with legislation.

This commitment, and the action plans stemming from it, mark the start of the path towards bringing in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme.

The groups taken into consideration in our work are:

  • Cyes launches initiatives and performance-oriented policies of economic management, environmentally and socially responsible.
Our employees
This group’s well-being is one of the aspects that can be most affected by the company’s actions and decisions. That is why the company is working on the introduction of Human Resource Policies to contribute to staff’s personal development.
For society cyes ultimately constructs and manages infrastructures improving economic competitiveness and qualify of life, also fostering its development in other aspects by applying measures and standards for conduct, as well as putting profits back into:
Promotion of culture
  • Sponsorship of exhibitions, cultural and sports activities.
  • Recovery of our cultural heritage.
Fostering equal opportunities
  • Aid to underprivileged groups.
  • Training new professionals.

Over and above any legal requirements or the requisites forming part of the Environmental Management System, the company fosters the execution of measures pouring back part of the profits made into:

  • Activities for recovering or protecting our environmental setting.
  • Research and development of technologies applied to minimisation of the environmental impact of infrastructures, management of waste and sustainable generation of energy.
The Company
We encourage ethical and transparent interaction with our customers, associates and suppliers, based on the following principles:
Profitability and hazard control in our work

as a means to keep up our commitment with society over time and contribute to its development.

Involvement in R&D

In the persuasion that development and technological innovation will lay the foundations for new opportunities in the future and work out in the economic development of our surroundings.

A firm vocation

For tackling projects responding to the needs and concerns of society and its sustainable development, balancing profitability with the following principles:

  • Setting up and managing infrastructures for sustainable energy generation.
  • Setting up and managing infrastructures for intelligent waste management.
  • Developing and incorporating materials contributing to the reduction of the sector’s environmental impact on its surroundings.
  • Developing and incorporating technologies for optimising water management.
  • Development and incorporation of technologies for preservation of our coasts and maritime heritage.