Innovation, an underlying strategic strongpoint

Since its creation, cyes has been prominent in its sector through the added value of its activity, focusing on the customer and basing its business on quality, safety and innovation. This commitment has made innovation an essential strategic pillar in its competitiveness. Through an active policy of Innovation and R&D investment, in cyes we promote continuing development of improvements and new building techniques, enabling access to larger-scale projects with greater technological complexity.

Proprietary system of Innovation and R&D management

Cyes is a pioneer in this field. Since 2007, cyes has had its proprietary System for management of Innovation and R&D, certified by AENOR according to UNE standard 166002, for all its building activities. Cyes has thus moved on to a further level of commitment towards its customers, taking a position as a reference company in the sector regarding its technological management capacity.

Innovation and R&D projects

Cyes undertakes Innovation and R&D projects internally or in cooperation with other entities and participates in different activities for promotion of Innovation and R&D in the construction sector. The company presides over the FECOVAL’s sub-committee for Research, Development and Innovation and currently forms part of the Spanish Technology Platform for Construction (PTEC) and of the AERCO Technology Platform, also being a founder member of AIDICO technology centre for construction.

  • We apply innovation to all our areas of business
    The innovation culture at cyes goes far beyond the people in charge of the company’s Innovation and R&D, covering all its areas of activity, generating the application of new technologies to both technological development in building and innovation in its management processes.